Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

executive coach

It has been said that it’s lonely at the top. Those in leadership positions often feel that they operate in isolation and are expected to know and do everything.

But it doesn’t’ have to be that way. Executive coaching is an important tool to support and grow an individual as a leader, or prepare as an ascending leader. Coaching entails a series of powerful conversations with a “thinking partner—conversations that are collaborative, focused, objective, and energizing.

At The Ancora Group, our coaching approach is an individualized process that provides strategies, support, and guidance to executives and leadership teams. Coaching sessions focus on important issues ranging from personal development to organizational dynamics, problem solving, human resources, crisis resolution, and board management.

Our model incorporates expert consultation on issues and activities vital to a leaders and his or her organization’s future, such as organizational effectiveness, team building, performance and productivity, and execution.

Coming Soon: The Six Myths of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching continues to grow in popularity and relevance. With mounting evidence of its positive impact and return on investment, organizations are integrating coaching into all facets of their leadership and executive development programs. Our coaching program focuses on leaders and their teams or governing Boards.