Our Services

The Ancora Group, LLC began in 2002 with a focus on transitional leadership, particularly serving organizations that were experiencing leadership challenges or significant operational or financial difficulties.

Over time, and in response to emerging needs, the firm’s focus expanded to include leadership development and training, coaching for executives and governing boards, organizational assessment, teams and their performance, and the facilitation of strategic frameworks/positioning conversations.

Our passion is teaching, coaching, developing great leaders, and helping to build healthy sustainable organizations. We view our role as partners and catalysts in a collaborative dance of thinking, learning, acting, and growing. In the course of our work we spend time on the “what” but increasingly find ourselves concentrating with gusto on the “how”.

The Future of Management Consulting

We are particularly pleased and deeply committed to the “reinvention” of consulting. The old recipe- black box solution, B-school jargon, mystery and opacity, long reports and overwhelming data is losing favor and fans. Today’s success is found in strong client relationships that are based on trust and straight communication and transparency.

We work as partners - rolling up sleeves, challenging and innovating, using the right mix of science and art with agility, always with an obsession for results and shared accountability.

Our Promise to Our Partners

We bring a style, approach, and unwavering commitment to our partnerships that is unique and powerful. This is demonstrated by:
  • Our emphasis on “straight talk” communication and a willingness to challenge our clients
  • A disciplined and energized focus in seeking answers using great questions, exploration, and discovery
  • Teaching, challenging, and supporting the quest for new thinking, fresh solutions, and innovation
  • Flexibility and agility to purse solutions and produce results
  • A bias for action, making choices and committing to a course
  • Reliance on a creative process and strategic thinking and execution
  • Our collaborative approach that is based in integrity and grounded in accountability
  • The use of our broad experience, knowledge, and accumulated wisdom
  • A belief in our clients’ capacity to accomplish their goals and live their dreams

Organizational Transitions

Whether through succession planning during an organized transition or through a short-term CEO assignment during a sudden transition, we are skilled in helping organizations move towards greater stability. Transitions are a normal, though an often daunting, component of organizational growth.

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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive coaching continues to grow in popularity and relevance. With mounting evidence of its positive impact and return on investment, organizations are integrating coaching into all facets of their leadership and executive development programs. Our coaching program focuses on leaders and their teams or governing Boards.

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Leadership and Team Development

Leaders are the critical ingredient to organizational success. Without effective leaders, organizations often fail to meet expectations, squander opportunities and lose talent. Recognizing this reality, and acknowledging that we need to rethink the way we develop leaders, we have designed a series of coaching programs and training opportunities to successfully develop the “next generation” of leaders.

Teams are also a powerful element of an organization’s assets. We provide training to teams, and coaching and consultation to team leaders. The areas of concentration in this effort include communication, understanding group dynamics, collaborative decision-making, introducing change and producing powerful outcomes.

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Board Effectiveness/Governance

Our Board governance activities focus on training Board members in their roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness. As with executive coaching, we provide expert consultation on issues and activities vital to Board leaders and their organization’s future, such as organizational effectiveness, team building, performance and productivity, and strategy execution.

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