The Ancora Group
Leading Transitions, Managing Change

We are committed to helping you meet leadership challenges and maximize opportunities through innovative, workable solutions that produces solid results.

Organizational Transitions

organizational transitions.jpeg Organizational Transitions

Whether through succession planning during an organized transition or through a short-term CEO assignment during a sudden transition, we are skilled in helping organizations move towards greater stability.


executive coaching.jpeg Executive

It has been said that it’s lonely at the top. Those in leadership positions often feel that they operate in isolation and are expected to know and do everything. You have the drive and potential. The Ancora Group has the expertise and insight to help you reach your destination.

Leadership and Team Development

leadership and team development Leadership and Team Development

Leaders are the critical ingredient in organizational success. Without effective leaders organizations fail to meet expectations, squander opportunities, and lose talent. We have designed a series of coaching programs and training opportunities to successfully develop the “next generation” of leaders.

Board and Governance Effectiveness

board and governance effectiveness.jpeg Board and Governance Effectiveness

We provide expert consultation on issues and activities vital to Board leaders and their organization’s future, such as organizational effectiveness, team building, performance and productivity, and strategy execution.